Measure 30-148 Bond Overview

The bond will provide $13.145 million over the next 20 years at a cost to property owners of about $0.23 per $1,000 assessed value. That’s about $46 a year for a $200,000 property. The funds will focus on three priorities:

  • Protecting our first responders’ health and safety as they protect our communities.
  • Ensuring reliable fire and ambulance response times as call volume continues to increase.
  • Maintaining and modernizing equipment and facilities to reduce maintenance costs and phase out obsolete vehicles.

Health and Safety

Protects First Responders on the Front Lines

The health of firefighters and EMTs is of the utmost importance. This bond will keep UCFD1 first responders safe by replacing personal protective equipment, updating portable radios, and upgrading engine exhaust systems at fire stations.

  • Funds upgraded firefighter turnouts and wildland personal protective equipment to ensure firefighter safety on the front lines.
  • Purchases additional portable radios for responders to communicate during an emergency.
  • Installs patient loading systems on ambulances to accommodate faster loading and reduce back strain and injuries for EMTs.
  • Modernizes engine exhaust systems on vehicles as a cancer prevention tool.

Fast Response

Ensures Reliable Service and Response Time for Communities

Because of sustained population growth in the region that is only expected to continue, UCFD1 is responding to more calls for service every year. This bond will fund a new alert system for all fire stations and urgently needed vehicles to maintain quick response times. These response times keep insurance rates lower for local property owners.

  • Updates district-wide tone out alert systems in stations for improved response times.
  • Funds ambulances with updated patient-load systems for emergency response and transportation.
  • Purchases new structure fire engine to replace 1994 model.
  • Purchases new ladder truck to replace obsolete 1996 model.
  • Updates wildland engines, water tender, and command vehicles as older models are phased out over the next seven years.

Equipment and Facilities

Modernizes and Maintains Equipment and Facilities

Having a reliable fleet of vehicles and modern fire stations is essential to limiting maintenance costs and reducing response times. This bond will replace aging vehicles and fund improvements, including new roofs, extended vehicle bays, and additional living quarters to provide space for both genders.

  • Renovates sleeping quarters to accommodate both men and women at Stations 21, 23, and 24 to provide equitable access for both genders.
  • Replaces and repairs aging roofs at Station 21 and 22.
  • Adds two bays to Station 23 to create more room for response-ready vehicles.
  • Replaces outdated extrication equipment and cardiac monitors.
  • Invests in fire prevention and investigation tools.

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscally Accountable to Taxpayers

A citizen oversight committee will review all projects funded by the bond to ensure dollars are spent on their intended purposes. This bond will fund projects for 20 years to ensure a continued high level of service for many years down the line.

  • Directs a citizen oversight committee to review bond expenditures.
  • Refurbishes two older vehicles when feasible, to maintain back-up fleet.
  • Consolidates loan repayment for an annual savings of $232,000.

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